Watch| Wife gifts husband custom-made portrait of his late father with newborn child; see viral clip here

Watch| Wife gifts husband custom-made portrait of his late father with newborn child; see viral clip here

Most of us wish to have our parents around forever.We would love to share some of our lives’ most memorable moments with them and it is a dream for plenty to see any parent spend quality time with their grandchildren.

When a man lost his father a few weeks before his daughter was born, his wife presented him with an extremely thoughtful gift to help him fulfill this wish in a way.

Andrew Prue and his wife, Alexis Prue were blessed with a baby girl weeks after Andrew lost his own father.

On the occasion of Prue’s birthday, his wife presented him with a custom-made portrait of their daughter sitting in the arms of her late grandfather.

Alexis Prue filmed her husband’s touching reaction while unwrapping the gift.She posted the video on her Instagram account and the clip has gone viral on social media.

Watch the video here –

In the poignant video, Andrew Prue first reads the card presented to him along with the gift.The card, which is made by his wife contains a footprint of their daughter India along with the note, “Happy Birthday Papa.Love you so much.One kiss from me and one from grampa.”

The man then opens his birthday present.

On seeing the photograph of his little daughter being cradled by her grandfather, Prue is not able to control his emotions and breaks into tearsAlexis Prue also captioned the Instagram clip with a heartfelt note.She wrote, “I won’t write a long post this year, just know that India and I love you unconditionally and we hope that this gift from us made your day a little more special.” She then gave birthday greetings to her husband and also tagged the artist who created the portrait.To preserve this special moment, the couple also shared the custom-made portrait on their baby girl’s official Instagram profile @baby_prue.

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Internet users have also left teary-eyed after watching this emotional clip and shared their thoughts in the comments sections.One user wrote, “All my condolences and happy tears my brother”, while several others commented that were left emotional by the clip.

What are your reactions to this thoughtful gesture?


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