Two New Stocks Added To Futures & Options Ban List On 26 September 2022

Indian markets are showing huge volatility in recent trading. Just previous week, indices were in strong momentum to the upside and there were little signs of down movement, but now markets are witnessing a sharp fall. Futures and Options pricing also have recently experienced a great deal of volatility due to the market’s current state. When prices exceed 95% of the Market Wide Position Limit or MWPL, the stocks enter the ban list from the derivatives markets.
Here is a list of the currently present stocks in the Futures & Options Banned list.
• Can Fin Homes: The stock’s price has seen a sharp downfall in the past few trading sessions and is continuing the fall, adding the stock to the list.
• Ambuja Cement: This stock is in the news and has been surging rapidly to the upside for the past few weeks; however, the price has been seeing huge volatility recently.
• Delta Corp: This hospitality and gaming company has shown rapid upside momentum after a sharp downfall.
• Punjab National Bank: Another bank on the list is Punjab National bank. Huge volatility in recent sessions has made this stock a part of this ban list.
On 26 September 2022, two new additions were made to the F&O ban list; the two stocks include a telecom company, Vodafone Idea, and another leading media company, PVR Ltd. The list keeps changing as the market volatility is huge RBL Bank exited the F&O ban list today.
Due to the stock exceeding 95% of the National Stock Exchange’s Market Wide Position Limit, the 6-equity mentioned above are prohibited from being used in futures and options contracts (NSE). Until their positions drop below 80%, the stock will be on the restricted list. Traders with holdings in the equities can unwind them while on the ban list. While the stocks are on the F&O ban list, it prevents them from being traded on futures and options markets.