2 More Stocks Added On Ban List Of Futures & Option: Increasing The Total To 6 Stocks

As the markets are surging rapidly, stocks are crossing all-time highs, and many are crossing all-time highs.In this market condition, Futures & Options prices have seen so much volatility in the past few weeks.Many futures & Options stocks have been banned recently from trading on Futures & Options as they have crossed a particular limit that the National Stock Exchange sets.
Here is a list of 4 stocks on the ban list of Futures & Options.
• RBL Bank: This private sector bank stock has shown a strong reversal from the downtrend and has surged to the upside rapidly.
• India Cements: This cement stock is trading near its all-time highs, and the price of the stock has shown huge momentum to the upside in the previous few weeks.
• India Bulls Housing Finance: This real estate stock has seen a sharp fall in the previous month but has shown a strong reversal from the downtrend and moving positively.
• PVR: This media sector stock is also trading near its all-time highs.The price has been consolidating in a zone from the previous few weeks and has recently seen a lot of volatility.
The 2 stocks that were added to the ban list of F&O on 20 September 2022 are Delta Corporation and Escorts, the tractor manufacturer.Delta corporation is known for providing hospitality and gaming services, and Escort is a leading tractor manufacturer in India.
The reason for the ban of these 6 equity stocks from Future and Options is that the stock has exceeded 95% of the Market Wide Position Limit set by the National Stock Exchange (NSE).The stock will remain on the ban list until their positions fall below the 80% mark.

While the stocks are on the ban list, they can’t be traded on future & options, and traders with existing positions can simply unwind their position