Here’s How You Can Check Your Bank Balance Using Aadhaar Card; Details Inside

Over time, the Aadhar card has grown to be the most important type of identity.You can use your Aadhaar card in a variety of ways.The Aadhaar number is linked to your biometric data, such as fingerprint and iris scan images.
By using your Aadhaar numbers, you can now check the balance of your bank accounts without logging into the bank’s official website.Your Aadhaar number is linked to your biometric data like fingerprint and iris scan images.This linked information helps you to check your bank account balance by simply entering your Aadhaar number.
This new feature to check bank balance using Aadhaar Number is beneficial to senior citizens as well as other individuals including those who do not possess a smartphone.This can assist senior citizens in avoiding huge line-ups at banks.

Individuals can now use their Aadhaar cards to check their bank balances on their phones even when there is no internet connection.
Steps to check the balance using Aadhaar Numbe