These Two NFOs Launched Today By Two Big AMCs, Check Details

A new fund offer (NFO) is a one-time subscription offer for a newly established plan from an asset management firm.The fund firm might create an NFO on a certain subject or just to fill out their product offering.The fund will reopen for the subscription when the NFO has ended, and investors will be able to subscribe at the current net asset value (NAV).Today, two NFOs are launched by two big Asset Management companies (AMC), UTI Mutual Fund and send is by the SBI Mutual fund.
UTI S&P BSE Low Volatility Index Fund Direct-Growth
The UTI Mutual Fund company has today launched the UTI S&P BSE Low Volatility Index Fund Direct-Growth fund.The Fund’s issue open and closing dates are February 14, 2022, and February 25, 2022, respectively.During the New NFO initial subscription period, the fund’s NAV will stay at Rs.ten.

The fund’s units will be allocated on March 3, 2022, following this timeAlso, because it is an open-ended plan, new subscriptions will be accepted on March 7, 2022, at the current NAV.One can make an investment in the NFO with a minimum 1st investment of Rs 5,0000, and the 2nd investment with a minimum of Rs 5,000.For SIP, Rs 500 is the minimum investment.
SBI Mutual Fund on Friday announced the launch of SBI Multicap Fund, an open-ended equity scheme that will invest in a mix of best ideas across large, mid, and small-cap companies.The new fund offer (NFO) will open on 14 February and close on February 28.As the fund is an open-ended fund, it will be open for a fresh subscription on March 08, 2022.NAV of the fund is Rs 10.The fund is highly risky.The fund will be benchmarked against Nifty 500 Multicap 50:25:25, but it will not try to align its sector weights just to be closer to the index weights.

One can make an investment in the fund initially with a minimum of Rs 5,000 for both1st and 2nd investmentsSIP can be started with a minimum investmnet of Rs 500.